How much does it cost to hire a man with a van?

Man and van service providers in the UK charge between £25 per hour to £50 per hour per man. Any stairs are charged additionally between £5 to £10 per flight per man. Mileage is charged between £1 to £2.50 per mile and it is usually a requirement to book for a minimum of two hours.

When it comes to choosing a man with a van, it is important to do some research on the service provider before deciding to book.  It is also important to be wary of any service providers that quote really low prices. It is a unfortunate fact that many man and van service providers have a reputation for not turning up to jobs.  Many people end up being stranded on moving day due to no shows and getting it rectified can cause delays. It can be very stressful to deal with a no show and at times it can be very problematic finding another van.  It often works out significantly more expensive to resolve a cheap man and van no show, than to book with a reputable service provider in the first place.

The main reason why these “budget” service providers do not turn up, is because they only have one van. Many people attempt to do this as a “thing on the side” – it is not their main line of work.  They usually have an old rusty unreliable van without the correct legally required insurance, and they see an opportunity to undercut other professionals in the industry.

The thing is, there are many problems that can arise on moving day. The most common reason “budget” service providers do not turn up is because they get held up on a previous job. Sometimes this can be due to their own incompetence, and other times it can be down to unexpected issues like new landlords or tenants being unable to obtain keys to their new properties.  The bottom line is, if the cheap man only has one van, it is highly likely that a cancellation, no show, or a delay will occur.

Another problem with choosing a cheap man with a van is the lack of reputation. Usually a cheap man and van has no experience, no manager, no support and many have no feedback history. It is important to be wary who you let into your home or office. It is highly likely that a budget man with a van will arrive at your doorstep late and rude wearing a baseball cap and a pair of jeans. They could be an illegal immigrant, or even worse they could be a recently released prisoner. They could be inexperienced and damage or even steal your most prized possessions. 

At ePenny Logistics we understand the flaws in the man and van industry in London and we are working hard to improve the level of service that London residents and businesses receive.  Over the past 5 years we have built up a fleet of late vehicles and we now have a highly experienced workforce who are dedicated to providing the best possible service at the most economical pricing.

All of our removals operatives are carefully vetted, fully trained and they are managed via our radio controlled office.  All vehicles are tracked and every job gets monitored by one of our controllers from start to finish. All of our removals operatives wear a uniform and they always carry photo identification. This not only gives our clients reassurance – but it also takes the level of our removals operations and standards to a completely different league compared to our one man band competitors.

We now provide our man and van services to a large number of businesses and government organisations as well as end users who need to move their own personal items.  If you are interested in booking a reliable a man with a van, please do not hesitate to call a friendly member of our London based sales team now on 0208 099 7448.